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A little over a month ago Lori from Lather & Lace sent me a pack of her Turn Back Time skin care line. The set included a Restore Rejuvenating Souffle, Reveal Facial Polish, Balance Toning Mist and Revive Eye Creme.


I loved the packaging and the fact I had new products to try BUT was very apprehensive because I have SUPER SENSITIVE skin. Over the years I’ve had to fight to find a combo of cleanser, toner and lotion and makeup that works for me without setting my skin off. Even using new hair products has given me a horrible skin reaction before. Also I live in a fairly arid climate, so my skin really needs that extra moisture.

In expressing my gratitude to Lori for sending the kit, I also told her about my apprehensions. She insisted that her daughter had been fighting the same battle and used these products all the time without issue. So with that I decided to start my month-long trial. I documented it on Instagram, please note without using a filter so you can see the real deal.

Day 5 of using Turn Back Time, nights only.

To ease into things, I started using Turn Back Time at night only. I tested the face polish and souffle to ensure no major breakouts or irritations would occur. It was the opposite, the products felt gentle and light and my skin started to have a nice glow every morning.

Day 15 of using Turn Back Time

After getting over the fear that my skin would react, I started using the products in my morning routine as well. Gradually I felt like my tone and texture was improving and more even. Also the pesky blemishes which I am still plagued with in my 30’s didn’t seem to be as frequent. The only thing I’ll note is that with makeup the skin souffle was a bit heavy, so I used just a small amount in the mornings after the skin toning mist.

A little over a month of using Turn Back Time

Then a little over a month into using Turn Back Time we are midweek of Stampede. I took this photo before we headed off to a party because I wanted to show off how great my skin looked. The biggest comment I can make about the products from Lather & Lace is the GLOW my skin has when I use it. Also when putting on the skin souffle, I can feel a tingle which to me means it’s working. Please note, I am wearing makeup in this photo, but due to the sensitive nature of my skin, I’ve never worn foundation. Only some concealor dabbed where needed if I have any blemishes to hide and a mineral powder for shine control. However as you’ll notice I didn’t have a heck of a lot of red spots to cover up! Overall I really liked these products from Lather & Lace and would definitely recommend them, even if you have sensitive skin. I also love that all the ingredients that go into the products are all natural and not a big chemical cocktail.

Thanks Lori!