This week has been uncharacteristically quiet on C&C, I believe it’s the first time since I started the blog that I haven’t posted in an entire week. Blame it on the end of Stampede (we had a great weekend touring my parents around though) or the fact that I received an operational nightmare/disaster last Friday that has taken the entire week to fix (this is when being on call 24/7 kinda sucks…), Throw in the new business startup and I’m FULL UP and kinda zapped on the creative side. So I threw it out there on Facebook and you lovely folks came back with so many ideas to get me back on track doing what I love. So trust me there will be posts to follow!

But this got me thinking about when things get rough how I look for light at the end of the tunnel or the “happy” place I go to when the insanity meter is on HIGH.  I realized it’s not a mountain top with an amazing view, or a sunset while sitting in the ocean on a surfboard although I’ve been so fortunate to experience both of those. But quite simply this picture couldn’t explain it any better, it makes my heart smile and my mind quiet.  My question is where is the place you go?