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What a short week this has been! After a long weekend fishing the Mighty Mo, I blitzed the work week and now we are into Stampede’s Centennial celebration. Now I have a weekend of work, horses, some fishing and a museum exhibit to take in (Life is short you have to cram it in right?) But while I’m getting sentimental it’s always good to stop and take a moment to reflect, so here are my favourite bits of randomness for Friday.

Even though we have just kicked off Stampede 2012, the new poster for 2013 was released on Wednesday. It’s dedicated to the working cowboy and holds a special place for me because we already have some exciting plans for next years Stampede!

Sometimes it’s the milestones that make you feel like you’re getting somewhere, my new business cards after some careful consideration they have been printed and now things seem real!

This belt and outfit is the epitome of Stampede, all it needs is some great boots!

I’ve been told my specialty seems to be “campfire coffee”, even when at home. So to I decided to order these new coffee mugs from Orvis. I love the nostalgia they bring to a morning, even when you are in the urban jungle.

I’m loving a dress or frilly skirt with boots this summer and saw this skirt at Sheplers and had to share it.