I rarely use my blog as a forum to rant but as I write this I’m up to my ears with cell phones, voicemail, emails, computer programming, Apps… need I go on? All these wonderful tools that are meant to make our lives more efficient, provide entertainment or help productivity, ultimately I think can be a slippery slope.

My work requires high technological requirements, I’m not saying I’m abnormal but with 4 different email addresses, 2 cell phones and 2-3 computers going at any one time (and no I do not hold a fun job title like International Spy or Bookie) I think it’s bound to eventually put anyone into a wide-eyed trance.

Social media has opened so many doors yet ironically is a huge cause for anti-social behaviour. Ever notice now when you meet up with people for a dinner or coffee, if you glance around the restaurant you see couples tweeting or perusing FB on their respective cell phones ignoring each other, friends  are too busy posting instagram photos of what they are doing to actually get engaged with what they ARE doing and who they are there with. Trust me, I’m not preaching as I’m be the first to admit I’ve got a problem. I think I would have less of a problem if I found out I lost my entire wallet over my third arm, AKA iPhone.

And as any good episode of “Intervention” goes, G2 finally confronted me on my technology dependence and lack of time spent after work off the computer, phone, iPad and actually spending some necessary quality time unplugging from the day. So I am attempting a technology detox. Parking the iPhone and computer at home more often and taking some more time to plant a garden, catch up with friends & family and in general practice being more present in life!  For anyone else experiencing these symptoms I recommend joining in the cleanse. Everyone else, thanks for listening to my rant 🙂