HOORAY for the LONG WEEKEND! This weekend I’m heading out to do a little camping and the forecast isn’t looking that great. Warm weather gear will be required and I sure wish I had this Merino Hoodie and Maine Hunting Boots from L.L. Bean to take with me. For now they’ll just stay on my gear list.

Image and recipe from Annie’s Eats

I’m not a fan of tomatoes and by association, bruschetta. However when I found this strawberry bruschetta recipe with goat cheese and balsamic vinegar on Pinterest, I knew this had to be filed under “Summer Recipes” that are a must try.

I’ve been on a mini sheep kick this week. Partially because I’m running the economics of having to buy a tractor to cut the yard when I buy some land and these sheep are a potential option. Suffice to say the cost/benefit analysis is still ongoing but they are pretty darn cute!

Campfire apple crumble? Or just a quaint serving dish for an outdoor dinner party? I love these individual sized cast iron serving dishes.

And my last Friday favourite of the week? Leftover Mother’s Day flowers at a discounted price! Unlike discounted Halloween candy they’ll brighten your day without the added calories and regret 🙂

Happy Weekend All!