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Yesterday my little brother and his beautiful bride tied the knot. The day started off pouring as it has been most days here during our stay in Australia. However as if on queue around noon the sky opened up for the sun and a gorgeous wedding followed. The ceremony was held in “Hidden Grove” which kept the nosy tourists out, the ring bearer, aka a Blue Heeler, “Gus” fell asleep during the ceremony but looked darn cute in his bow tie and a very cool VW Kombie toured the wedding group around the streets which delivered many waves and well wishes.

As for the reception, instead of a traditional cake, a Gelato bar filled with everything a sweet lover could desire was laid out, followed by a moonlit first dance on the top balcony of one of the most gorgeous houses I have ever stayed in with the ocean and stars as a backdrop. Couldn’t have wished for a better day for the two of them, congrats guys!

The sleepy ring bearer