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I’ve been seeing bright, flourescent jewellery making its way to springtime through different blogs, magazines and designers. There have also been lots of DIY’s on how to turn older costume jewellery that may be a bit out of date and stretch it into the next season.

My DIY aptitude is usually on the low side so I figured I’d try this one and it would either fail miserably or at the very least I could wear it on the weekends. My goal was to find a discounted statement necklace. I bought mine at Superstore for $5.99 but you could try Ross, Winners, even the dollar store. Next up I was looking for a bright nail color to accent my necklace. You could also try spray bombing if you want a more dramatic effect but I decided I’m easing myself into this. I chose Lickety-Split Lime from Sally Hansen (hence the blog title).

I decided to paint certain strands in off-setting sections to make it look not so obvious that I had just painted a necklace in nail polish. The result? I like it, there is a pop of color with the black and I’m wearing it to work today. Maybe not the loud in your face DIY’s you see on other posts but I’ll ease into it. I can always paint the rest right? 🙂

Total Cost of my DIY~ $9.99

And I have shaky hands! There's a reason I'm not a surgeon!