This week I figured I’d share some last-minute recipe/drink ideas for Christmas. One of my favourite guilty pleasures during vacation is coffee and Irish Cream. No matter where I am, it seems to be the inaugural kickoff to signal that I have escaped from the office.

Last year I posted “my” homemade Bailey’s recipe (Click here for recipe). After about 100 iterations, I finally found one that I felt was a close replica. I found some great glass jugs at IKEA, complete with frosted christmas motif’s and sent them out as gifts along with some homemade truffles (stay tuned for the recipe). Or if you just want to make your own personal stash, just be sure to store in a glass container or jug or some sort, it preserves much better than plastic 🙂 It’s super easy to make, and just as tasty as the store-bought stuff in my opinion!