I was recently reminded that I regularly blog for ladies but maybe it was time to consider the guys for once? I completely agree that I have been neglecting them, so this post is dedicated to some ideas I think any outdoorsman would appreciate for the day-to-day as well as fun.

One of my biggest wants and complaints coming out of hunting season is the requirement of a GOOD knife, no tricky switch blade. Just an easy to clean, sharpen knife that can handle some use. So when I saw the new ultralight Titanium Kestral Knives  I was very interested. There have been many blog reviews raving about the performance of these knives and I think it would make a great addition to any outdoorsman’s tool kit.

There is something simply luxurious in a great leather bag. So why can’t the guys partake in this joy as well? I love the look of a classic leather satchel or laptop bag. It goes hand in hand with owning one good pair of dress shoes or cowboy boots 🙂 My brother suggested I take a look at Billy Reid by Stetson and on top of loving their menswear, I love the look of this timeless laptop bag. With some wear and tear the patina on the leather would only make it look better.

I always love the classic oilskin jacket or shorter rancher style on a guy. It’s a great look that can transition from field to meetings and in my opinion is timeless compared to some of the leather styles that can date quickly. Beretta has a great waxed cotton field jacket that with new technology produces a waterproof, windproof but breathable jacket without the odour and staining that the old oilskin’s were prone to.

Skincare products- most men won’t risk being called a metro-sexual to maintain their skin. Let’s face it, if you spend time at the gym or hours hiking in the field why would you not treat your sunburnt face or blistered feet properly? Trust me you won’t receive a manly medal if you choose to forgo the sunscreen. Men can get crow’s-feet and god forbid skin cancer too. So to feel a little less feminine, products from Otter Creek Outfitters with names like, Hair of the Dog, Spit Shine, Duck Call Primer and Sasq (wash)  might just be the ticket to getting the Outdoorsman in your life to start some exterior upkeep.

It makes me sad to think of the limited accessories for guys~ well let me restate that, the limited accessories a true-blooded outdoorsman would wear. So I think that a great functioning watch is always appreciated. Especially one that is waterproof, you can wash the mud, blood and grit off of it at the end of the day and it still keeps going. Add in some style with the functionality and it will be their go to piece. I can’t pick one in particular, there are lots of affordable watches out there that get the job done. I happen to like the one I’ve posted below from Beretta.

Of course there are an endless amount of toys to get your outdoorsman for a gift. The things I’ve listed above are just some multi-functional ideas or classics that they’ll get use out of even in the off-season.