I’ve always had a problem with sensitive skin and have to watch very carefully if I ever switch or try new products. Living in a dry climate where chapped lips and cracked hands is a daily occurance in the winter doesn’t help. After hearing of Lather & Lace  I needed to learn more, their products seem to take all my concerns into consideration. 

I had a chance to ask Lori about their product line and what we could expect for the Holidays. She has some pretty amazing gift combo’s so be sure to check Lather & Lace out when you are doing your shopping!

Q) How did  Lather & Lace start and what inspires you for your product line?

A)  In 2009 I was re-vamping my old skin care labels with a wonderful woman in Oregon and she asked if I had ever considered doing a product line for Cowgirls. It was a question that changed my life in an instant.  Having grown up on a horse farm out in the country, but leaving home at 18 to travel the world, it was like returning to my roots.  I had been spending all of my vacations recently out west and had felt a reconnection with my childhood but it didn’t ever occur to me that this was my direction. It was as if her question “let me go home” in my creativity. I got to “step back into” me again. By the end of that day, I had a name (Lather & Lace) and I knew I wanted it to have a sense of humor, be slightly bold, and be exceptional. I am inspired by too many things actually! I would say mostly nature and somewhat texture/color. Smell is my number one sense and inspiration.

Long before I ever did this for a business, people would always say my house smells so good and familiar. It comes to me naturally. I do not like cheap smells or fake smells so I would say that I am inspired by fresh, clean, natural things! I love to create soap that has a purpose, and has character. Two things  I love most about my business is first, connecting with people who have concerns about their skin, listening, and giving them what they need to feel good in their own skin again. Unless you have had really sensitive skin, you may not appreciate that fully. My family has always had sensitive skin so when I began to make products 16 years ago, I had plenty of support and lots of little sales people. The second is creating custom products for special occasions.  My soap cakes are very popular and I love to do baby and bridal showers.

Q) What are some key pieces to have for holiday gift giving, ie hostess gifts, indulgent stocking stuffers ect that we can come over and get at L&L?

A)  This holiday, some KEY gifts for giving, hosting, or just flat out indulging are first and foremost – the set of a Boot Scrubbin Boogie in Coffee Infusion or Pink Sugar coupled with Shea’m On Me. It’s the dry time of year, heaters and fireplace, skin gets dry. The boot scrubber gets dead skin off, the Shea’m then soaks in and softens your skin unbelievably. It’s a winner with everyone. That would be the constant gift for many people. I think for a Hostess gift, any one of the handcrafted soap dishes paired up with a Lather & Lace soap (that comes PRE-WRAPPED FOR YOU!) There is a wide variety of colors this year and I love the birds on one of them and I love the paint in the Willow Creek Pottery. I would say this gift OR the Mason Jar Soap and Lotion set (though a little more pricey) are PERFECT hostess gifts. If you want stocking stuffers, we have the Dew Drops in onsies and twosies that are very festive. Leave The Rough For Ridin would be a great stocking stuffer and for MEN, the new Playin Dirty is getting rave reviews. If you were going to indulge in a self-gift, I would seriously consider the face care system. I cannot sell it – it sells itself once you use it. Sometimes we do not eat as well, drink enough water, and the cold weather and fireplaces do a number on our skin so that’s my idea of caring for you during the holidays!

Q) Last what are some of your favourite holiday traditions? What do you look forward to most during this season?

A) My favorite holiday tradition list is sooooo long! I have four adult kids. They are still my inspiration as they are all artists and funny. They make me laugh. So, when we get together, it is just fun. They appreciate my cooking and I feel their appreciation because they start talking about my food a month in advance. That makes me happy. We put the Christmas music on the iPod Thanksgiving Day and it plays through New Year’s. They each know all the words because they have heard them every year for all of their lives. Each year, my daughter will call me from wherever she is to tell me she just heard one of our favorites for the first time of the season. I love that we all love Christmas. There are people who find it stressful, but we play silly games, tell secrets, get excited, and spoil each other. My other big tradition is decorating. Not necessarily the best, the most perfect, but it looks homey. When I leave this Earth, I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Spirit of Christmas has been passed on to my family.

Thanks so much to Lori for giving us a glimpse into Lather & Lace, if you are excited as I am to start Holiday shopping, head on over to Lather & Lace. Also check back with C&C next week when we kick off the 12 days of Christmas and a Giveaway from Lather & Lace!