The quest for the perfect black bag is almost like the little black dress. I have in my mind there is a great combination of sleek and chic with a little roughness so my work purse can transition easily into weekend affairs without looking too serious. I have always drooled over high-end designer bags (usually from the street), but the practical side of me kicks in and  there is always something like winter tires or this annoying thing called a mortgage getting in the way of my day dreams. That’s why I love magazines and blogs that do the “look for less”. I found these alternatives to the expensive designer ones and think they look just as good if not better!

The Balenciaga “City” Bag is a classic and retails for around $1500. It’s beautiful and versatile, but so is this option I found at Danier Leather. For $169.00, the whip stick handle and black metal stud detailing look like a brother to the “City” bag, plus you don’t have to only eat soup for the next 3 months.

Then there was the beautiful Valentino Rockstud Dome Bag, that I saw on 5th Ave while peering into Bergdorf’s. This antelope clad beauty retails for $2,500 but I found a much cheaper alternative at Winner’s for $129. It’s still beautiful and delivers a dramatic impact without leave that much of one on your wallet.

Beautiful but spendy Valentino

Winner's Find for $129