The weekend took an unexpected turn of events. I was supposed to start my sheep hunt but after putting my back out earlier in the week my orders were to stay at home and let it recuperate. That has gone over like a lead balloon and now at 8:00 am I am already plotting my escape. Lay on the couch all day? My skin crawls at the thought. Oh no, I have big plans to clean the house, finish off my fall vignette, organize my office and maybe, somehow exercise the horse? Probably all the while looking like quasimodo doing it. If all else fails and I am unable to move to complete all these tasks, I’ll just rent a scooter and head into Bass Pro for a few hours. Here are a few ideas I have to motivate me for the day:

I think I'll organize/decorate my living room.

Time to organize the office and some future C&C ideas

Who ever finds time to organize the closet, time to finally do it!

Maybe some DIY pumpkins

And Finish off the Fall Vignette

All ideas from here.