With Thanksgiving coming up, we are now creeping into Christmas territory. I just received my first Christmas party invite today dated for Nov 10th! It seems like it is inching closer and closer to Halloween each time I look. I usually don’t start worrying about what I’m going to wear and then I saw the Cinnabar Ore sequined dress from Double D Ranch and was more convinced I should be pre-planning.

What I love about this dress is you have some dazzle with the all over delicate sequins but the earth tones mute it down and the length makes it really versatile. I could wear it to an informal function with a jacket and boots or dress it up with a glamorous belt and some heels and a soft wrap.  Plus it’s very similar to the sequined dress I was crushing on here in a previous post. It may be a bit spendy but it’s a great blend of classic with bling that one could get many miles out of, there’s New Years to consider as well!