Decorating for Thanksgiving and Halloween are in full swing at my house. For my southern friends I’m not crazy, just Canadian and a month ahead of you on the festivities. The fall wreath has been made and hung, pumpkins procured and now I am just looking for the finishing touches of replacing my decorative straw bales (which G2 informed me he previously tried to save from one of my cleaning rages to no avail) and finding some great stencils for our pumpkin art with my new Dremel tool.

Gone are the days when you hack and slash a smiley face into your pumpkin with a large butcher knife, the level of detail and stencils you can find are amazing. It’s also a great way to get the whole family in on the fun. G2 is excited at the prospect of using power tools to create art. So before Operation Pumpkin begins I am collecting a roster of photos to choose from. I expect we’ll see some hunting pumpkins intermixed with some whimsical ones. Stayed tuned for the aftermath!

All images are from Pinterest