On my return from a quick trip in NYC, the question I get asked the most was, “how was the shopping?” Not that I didn’t peruse the storefronts but my objectives were different. One was to spend some time in Central Park, which is funny that as soon as I get into a city the size of New York, the first thing I do is head for a wooded cover. Central Park is a fantastic place, even on an early Saturday morning, there is a hustle and bustle with people running, touring, visiting and the dog walkers are out in full force. Never have I seen a group of well manicured/coifed pooches in my life.

Another was the Italian Street Market in Nolita, that spans for blocks. The people are friendly, the goods exciting and very reasonably priced (even better with the bartering) and the selection of food and drink is overwhelming. To see a cornbread sandwich with melted mozzarella cheese, I thought I had died and gone to heaven. Not to mention the gourmet Cannoli. A lot of walking took place to burn those calories off. I think that through the parks and markets you can feel the definite heartbeat of the city, which is important to experience before you put your head down in any store.

Early morning march to Central Park

Market in Nolita

Window Browsing