“I have been in NYC doing a series of brief layovers. The energy radiating from the city is truly intoxicating, so much so I am returning four more times this September. One of my favorite experiences if you only have a short time to visit is to stumble upon Bryant Park while wandering the streets during the later night hours. What makes it so special that it’s like a private, little oasis in the center of the city. With breath taking views of the Empire State buliding in the background, the park would have been made even better if I had my hubby to share it with because it felt so darn romantic.

On day two you can hoof it to Central Park, I only got as far as the Zoo and next time I hope to rent and bike and explore the ins and outs of this infamous park even further. Another highlight as always is the food, I ate at Les Halles which was fun because it was swarming with the upwardly mobile crowd and gave us a true New York dinner experience with well dressed lawyers and some fashionable lady’s. Although the street food is also fantastic, the hot candied nuts and pretzels were heaven and the pizza was out of this world!”

~Aviatrix ♥