Admittedly I am an accessories nut. Lately while on-line or randomly stopping in some shops on my way home, I’ve been having some luck in the vintage department, which usually never happens! I love browsing, but find most of the time my ADD takes over and I’m leaving to do something else, empty-handed.

I’ve been noticing more stores, both street boutiques and online stores such as Fossil, Spool 72 and Modern Cowgirl (to name a few) carrying vintage items in stock along with new lines. The nice thing about browsing the vintage section? There are some unique pieces and if you find something you like, there is only usually one item for purchase. Kind of like treasure hunting in the fast lane…

Below are some of my lucky finds for fall. Is it sad I’m already craving weather I can wear boots in?

Cowhide Clutch from Queen Boutique
Cowgirl Change Purse- Trends Clothing
Navajo Beaded Belt- Queen Boutique
Turquoise Broach with Vintage cuff and Ring
Vintage Anglers Bag- Spool 72