Secretly I am becoming a tech geek. I have bought into the Apple Cult and switched over completely to it. G2 was delighted when he found out we could watch movies on the iPad in the camper but I now want to take that one step further into the backcountry. We do a lot of exploring and I hate when half the time we are asking, how are we going to find this spot again? Being pretty handy with old school mapping I think it’s time to amp it up with a new GPS (the last one got left in the forest somewhere).

I found the new Garmin GPS MAP 62stc, it came out at the end of July and is tailor-made for backpacking, camping, hunting. It has pre-loaded topo maps and custom mapping that can be uploaded as well as a camera, and I’m not minding the cherry red case either.  Who says the saying has to always be “Boys with their Toys”!

Maybe not a new purse, but this is going help me in the woods!