I noticed I’ve never posted on one of the very important ladies in my life- my paint mare Nameoka, aka Okie. I purchased her 3 years ago to shift gears from the concrete jungle and get back to my roots only to realize I didn’t know a whole bunch about horses, but what a rewarding experience to learn with her. She has a sweet, patient personality which worked wonders during the first few times trying to put on her bridle or sheet.  Ever seen a man dress a baby? Yes it was a similar visual experience.

But through the years she’s been a great stress reliever and confidence builder. I know after a hectic day in the office, I can be out for a ride with her and it instantly melts away. I’d like to think we’ve grown together. I feel this quote rings true, “In riding a horse we borrow freedom”  ~Helen Thomson. Stay tuned for more Okie- if I can get her to stand still for a photoshoot!