Summertime in the Canadian wilderness can be spectacular. With stunning views and great weather, exploring the mountains can leave you awestruck at times. At least looking back at most of my photos would have you believe that. Don’t be mistaken, we had an amazing weekend, however it was filled with humorous challenges that only the great outdoors can present.

Our goals were to beat the traffic and do some backwoods camping in BC, scout for Mountain Goats and tour around some new country. The first objective was achieved as we literally ran into maybe 2 passing cars all weekend. However with remoteness comes voracious flying/biting insects of a wide variety (How do you get bit on the bottom of your feet I wonder?). Torrent, impassable rivers with rickety bridges hovering overtop. And modesty is thrown out the window as with every government built outhouse, the grizzly’s had conveniently ripped the front door off, leaving a rather open floor plan.

All in all the smell of campfire combined with the comfort of a great meal and a glass of wine left a very memorable weekend. I also learned that I need to discover a better shower system and that Thermacell’s work wonders to “de-bug” your campsite. Now I just wish we had more summer weekends left to do some more exploring!