It’s the end of July but already some of the mornings have had a chill in the air. The other morning when fishing I could see my breath. For those of you not familiar with Canadian weather, welcome.

With another month before school is back in, there is still plenty of dress season to be had. However I found this comfy pair of high-waisted silk shorts from Vince and thought I would give them a spin at the office. Paired with a white tank top and a light floral scarf to battle the cool mornings and a gifted Italian denim jacket from my mom and I’m boardroom ready. My gigantic Prada bucket purse helps me carry a variety of items- you never know when you’re going to need something right?

Another trick I learned to battle the 4 am fishing hat hair transition to the office is to flip your hair into a high ponytail and bobby pin separate pieces around to form a high bun. Flat hair turns into something that looks somewhat styled, this also works coming from the barn.

American West Collection- Nine West