Last summer my goal was to catch “just one fish”, after 3 weeks up in the fly fishing mecca of NW British Columbia and then some time in the southern Rockies, I was hooked.  So to my delight and thanks to the Northeast BC Wildlife Association, I am the proud owner of my very own fly fishing set. As if I had just purchased a new Prada, I was giddy to see what arrived in my goody bag.

There was a G-Loomis GLX Stream Dance 6 weight fly rod and reel and Open Range Tech Pack by Fishpond. Along with some line I have a box of flies to start off my summer adventures. With my waders and boots sitting patiently in the garage, I’m waiting for this crazy rain to stop so I can get out there and start playing!

G-Loomis Stream Dance- 6 Weight Rod

Fishpond Vest Pack

G-Loomis Reel and Flies

A sweet box of trout charms