What a great weekend so far… My family was in town to jointly celebrate my dad and my birthday’s (they are a day apart).  Which meant I got some time to do some birthday shopping and have some downtime with everyone. I’m not a city girl- I mean I think I’ve adjusted well but my heart is in the country.During the day everyone went separate directions which left me with the opportunity to stop in some the small outlying towns and visit my favourite country & western stores and my visa was not left unscathed. I love the western fashion genre and think they have come a long ways in everyday pieces that even work for city slickers. I picked up a pair of Wranglers new Rock 47 line, and they fit beautifully- I decided to go with a flashier version that goes great with my western belt I received at Christmas, a vintage sign for the guest bathroom and some more supplies and I was off for a ride on Okie.

I was thrilled when my parents gave me a pair of custom designed Tom Balding spurs– definitely a lifelong keep sake, they are beautiful and I’m scared to get them dirty! My brother gave me a stunning Coach Kirsten cross-body bag (being saved for another photo shoot).Turns out my parents Visa was not left unscathed either as another horse was purchased and a new saddle.

The perfect end to the day- we headed to the Longview Steakhouse and had one of the best steaks I have had in a long time. The place as usual was packed and if you go a reservation required. Sadly the staff was impressed with how much I ate, but it could not be wasted! The night was the culmination of classic western culture of a hearty meal and great company- I am very much at home here.

My Beautiful New Spurs!

Dad's New Saddle

My new bathroom sign

Wrangler Rock 47 Jeans