Everyday I drive by this school that posts a “Virtue of the Month”, and every time it makes me smile and forces the question of what that virtue means to me. Overall I enjoy the pure positivity it brings out on that corner of the world. For people commitment means many things and is executed in many ways. Generally speaking a commitment is an interaction dominated by obligations, whether they are mutal, self-imposed or explicitly stated.

Which begs the question, What are your commitments and what do they mean to you?

For me I look at the range of commitments I have in my life from the small surficial- self-imposed ones such as this blog to the larger mutal commitments to my family/friends and I am grateful for each of them because they all represent opportunity to live life to the fullest and continue to grow and develop as a human being.

I like how it’s put in poker that a commitment “means that someone will do better by staying in a hand no matter what. Even if it isn’t the best hand the player is more likely to win more money by betting chips rather than folding”.

Happy Friday!