On this week’s blog of Accessible Wines paired with Inaccessible Men (aka Bachelor Brad Womack), I have to admit first and foremost that this was not a one on one date. This week’s wine Trove (Shiraz Malbec) was shared with a girl friend watching the Oscars. A day early but still the wine was still deemed worthy as a Bachelor review. This wine is a bit of a mystery as there is limited information on it, yet we found our experience positive. It was also rated as the #1 wine at the Fairmont Wine Festival. We enjoyed our Trove paired with chinese food, which actually went nicely  and had a smooth finish. While this wine may in the short-term be a little bit more inaccessible than others, it was definitely worth the buy at $15.


Trove- Shiraz Malbec was even great with chow mein!