Today I was offered one of the 35 spots in the Mongol Derby, a 1000km horse race that starts the beginning of August at an undisclosed area in the Steppes of Mongolia. The derby consists of changing horses every 40 km at Morin Urtuus – horse stations and continue the ride through the vast Mongolian Wilderness for more than 10 days. There is no showering, limited sleeping and eating and the biggest hitch-you can only carry up to 11 lbs of essentials (clothing, sleeping bags ect).

Wide Open Mongolian Steppes


The route is undisclosed until the day before the race at which point you are given a GPS with coordinates to guide you on the course. After that it is just you and your lonesome and a Mongolian pony of course to make it through the day.  My brother pointed this out to me on the Adventurists website, who also have races such as the Mongol Rally or the Rickshaw Run. Now I must make a decision, there is a big commitment to prepare but an adventure of a lifetime!

Small Half-Broke Mongolian Horses


Every 40km you change out to a new one of these little guys, should I do it?