I came across a list of readily accessible wines that are great value and easy to find. My mission- to test 5 widely available reds and 5 whites and determine what was worthy of keeping as a supply for last minute dinner invitations. But how was I going to get through all these wines? Dinner parties? (too much work), getting the girls together for a taste testing night? Well that might be to follow but then it hit me- Monday night watching the Bachelor paired with one wine. It’s simple, no work and fair to the wine as there is a full one on one date, so I get to decide whether it’s worthy of a second date.

So the Wine Du Jour?  A 2009 Alamos Malbec ($13). The strong, steady Malbec was perfect to pair with Michelle’s craziness-in fact it might make me like her more…and the endless stream of tears Brad seems to evoke- .  It is an Argentinean wine made by the Catena family.  It was great paired with some dark chocolate. I found it’s fairly heavy with some smoky spice. I think it would be better with a meal but I’m still giving it a spot on my wine rack.

Alamos Malbec- Found this one at Sobeys