I think I have a problem. Lately I’ve noticed Miss Lily has been dragging collectables (socks, slippers, fur items, hair elastics ect) from around the house back to her lair, AKA- my closet.  Looking at things I realize she may be confused as it currently resembled a den fit for an animal to occupy or something a frat boy cleaned up for his mom’s weekend visit. It was time I decided for an organized adult closet.

Not too messy? Lots of good hiding spots...

My shoe pile, how many are in there?

More random shoe boxes/purses hidden from use- ok this needs some help

I took the initiative to start on this one area of my house, I still have an office and guest bedroom to complete as well. Not wanting to break the bank but still have some aesthetically pleasing organizers I hit up Home Sense and Ikea. I arrived at a collection of damask hatboxes, whimsical butterflies on antique trunks and bright white wicker. After purging many outfits worthy of a montage, my shoes and purses all found a respective home.

Love the bright white wicker baskets

Hatboxes and a girly twist on miniature antique trunks

Hats on hangers so she can't collect them anymore

Organized finally

No where to hide! Even Miss Lily approves of this clean-up!