So we started the “Body for Life” challenge; a fitness program kicked off by Mr. Bill Philips over ten years ago. It starts traumatically by taking a “before” photo and then three months later after hard work and perseverance you take your chiselled sculpture formally known as your body “after” picture. Don’t get me wrong- I am motivated to get in shape and be healthy but for my anti-structured nature, Bill’s rules seemed a little suffocating.

I was in the grocery store when motivation hit me, I bought a couple fitness mags and went home to absorb all their wisdom. After much research I resolved to try kettlebells, the weird looking weights with the handles. Using them can help improve strength, endurance, agility and balance- really using total body movements. A University of Wisconsin study showed that people who do an 20 min workout with kettlebells burning on average 400 calories or 20 calories a minute. After hearing it’s equivalent to running a mile at a six-mile pace I was in.

I have tried my first couple workouts and love it! In 20 min I managed to do the following moves:

  • Turkish Getups
  • Two Arm Swing
  • Hang Clean
  • Alternate Arm Swings

There is a cool website with lots of different moves for anyone interested a