It’s the New Year and what better time to take on a mountain of  far-reaching goals and resolutions that most likely will be swiftly discarded in 2 to 3 weeks time. As always I faithfully write down my next years resolutions on the last week of each year. A year later I come back to the same notebook and realize somehow the car got off course within the 12 month timeframe.

Starting a blog serves a number of purposes to keep this car from going into the ditch- for instance, I realize I rarely take pictures and if I do manage to snap a few, it will take me another two years to download them. I would like to maintain a record of life’s happenings and this gives me an excuse to. Looking back at a Women in Leadership forum that I went to about 7 years ago- one speaker made the comment, “if you are not doing something new every six months, you are not living your life”. Now I do plenty as any of my friends would a test- but the documentation is a little shady.

So my goals for 2011- stay healthy and exercise (duh it’s like in the resolution handbook), hold myself to the adventures I promised I would do, continue to learn new things and lastly document what I have accomplished so that I can go back and absorb what I have done and maybe motivate others at the same time.